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Black Waters
99 Moves

Kieron Johnson

Lighting Designer, Leeds, UK

Professional Member of the Association of Lighting Designers.

Specialising in lighting for Theatre, Contemporary Dance and Live Performance Art, I have worked with many influential artists and companies including:

  • Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance

  • Northern School of Contemporary Dance

  • Phoenix Dance Theatre

  • Kerry Nicholls

  • Company Wayne McGregor

  • Matthew Bourne for New Adventures

  • Joss Arnott

  • Annabelle Lopez Ochoa

  • Hubert Essakow

  • Zoi Dimitriou

  • Opera North

  • Jessica Wright (CWM Company Dancer)

  • Stephanie Schober

  • Dam Van Huynh

  • Motionhouse

  • EDge Dance Company

I have previously been the Production Manager for companies such as Transitions Dance Company (Hagit Yakira, Jarkko Partanen, Richard Chappell), EDge Dance Company (Tony Adigun, Patricia Okenwa, Shobona Jeyasingh, Karen & Allen Kaeja) and Verve (Ben Wright, Noa Zuk, Maxine Doyle and Joan Cleville). 

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"The lighting (by Kieron Johnson) plays a huge part in the piece. Haze hangs over the whole stage, through which narrow side-lighting is able to pick out even the smallest of details: at one point all that is being illuminated is a hand - but that hand was so expressive! The absolute precision of the lighting is a major contributor to the overall effect."

Peter Lathan - British Theatre Guide

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"Kieron Johnson's lighting design is outstanding."

Mike Dixon - Dance Europe

Black Waters (15) Stephen Wright.jpg

"The dancers also have the benefit of Kieron Johnson's stunning lighting design. This skillfully evokes everything from a stage full of cramped cells to the moving seas."

Jonathan Cash - Reviews Hub


Lighting Design Credits


Black Waters (Phoenix Dance Theatre) Chor. Sharon Watson, Shambik Ghose & Dr. Mitul Sengupta. Cos. Emma Louise James. Com. Dishari Chakraborty

Head Above Water (Joss Arnott Dance) Chor. Joss Arnott Cos. Eleanor Bull Com. Anna Appleby

KHEPRI (Joss Arnott Dance) Chor. Annabelle Lopez Ochoa Cos. Elizabeth King

the sea tells a story (Verve Dance Company) Chor. Ben Wright Cos. Rike Zöllner

Nothing & Being, Being & Nothing (Laban Theatre) Chor. Gary Lambert Cos. Lucy Minta-Reeves

99 Moves (Laban Theatre) Chor. Zoi Dimitriou Cos. Rose Whiting

Sacred Myths (1940's to 1998) - Kartikeya, Aspara & Himalaya (Laban Theatre) Chor. Uday & Tanusree Shankar

FIM (R&D) Chor. Theo 'TJ' Lowe

Tides (Laban Theatre) Chor. Joss Arnott Cos. Rosie Whiting

HE-SHA (Laban Theatre) Chor. Theo 'TJ' Lowe Cos. Florence Meredith 

Untitled (Laban Theatre) Chor. Lizzi Kew Ross

Untitled (Laban Theatre) Chor. Tony Thatcher

At The End We Begin (UK Tour) Richard Chappell Dance Chor. Richard Chappell

Vanishing Points (Cambridge Junction) Zoi Dimitriou Dance Company Chor. Zoi Dimitriou

(Un)Changed (The Place) Chor. Livia Massarelli

The Other Self (The Place) J7s Dance Company Chor. Giulia Iurza

Gravity Bears The Truth (The Place) SkogDans Chor. Yasmine Lindskog

Misura (Laban Theatre) Chor. Hubert Essakow Cos. Florence Meredith

Forgery and Imitation (Laban Theatre) Chor. Zoi Dimitriou Cos. Lucy Minta-Reeves

Shikishin Funi (The Place) J7s Dance Company Chor. Giulia Iurza

Tag (The Place) Chor. Ania Straczynska

Debris (Laban Theatre) Chor. Stephanie Schober Cos. Lucy Minta-Reeves

In The Land of Invented Languages (Laban Theatre) Chor. Jessica Wright

Aperture (Laban Theatre) Chor. Kerry Nicholls Cos. Lucy Minta-Reeves

(Im)Pulse (Laban Theatre) Chor. Dam Van Huynh 

Highland Fling (Laban Theatre) Matthew Bourne

Trekking | Void (Laban Theatre) Chor. Naomi Lefebvre

C-A-G-E-D (Laban Studio Theatre) Chor. Thomas Page

We Are… (Laban Theatre) Chor. Sonia Rafferty


Xmas Factor 2018 (Iris Theatre, St.Paul's Church) Dir. Daniel Winder

Songlines (Hightide Theatre) (Associate LD) Writer. Tallulah Brown, Dir. George Chilcott, LD. Jess Bernberg, Designer. Lizzi Leech

Everything Between Us (Finborough Theatre) Writer. David Ireland, Dir. Neil Bull, Designer. Laura Cordery 

RUN (JW3 & Bunker Theatre) (Assistant LD) Writer. Stephen Laughton Dir. Lucy Wray, LD. Lucy Hansom

You're Human Like The Rest of Them: A Triple Bill of B. S. Johnson Plays (Finborough Theatre) Writer. B.S. Johnson, Dir. Carla Kingham, Designer. Rūta Irbīte

Thirst (The Space)  Writer. Eugene O'Neill, Dir. Thomas Ward

Wasted (King's Head Theatre) Writer. Kat Woods, Dir. Kat Woods

Austen: The Musical (East Riding Theatre & Tour) Dir. Matt Aston

One For The Road (Donald Roy Theatre) Dir. Tyler Mortimer

The Hours (Minghella Studio) Dir. Ben Cain

Breakfast In Suburbia (Donald Roy Theatre) Dir. Ben Cain

Gammer Gurton’s Needle (Donald Roy Theatre) Dir. Freddie Bujko

Sex, Drugs and Toilet Rolls (The Space on North Bridge) Dir. Kerala Irwin

Going For Gold (The Space on North Bridge) Dir. Louise Gilpin

In Holy Matri-Moany (The Space on North Bridge) Dir. Lois Wright/Emma Langford

Let’s Get Things Straight (The Space on North Bridge) Dir. Paul Watt

We’ll Stuff You Once You’re Dead (The Space on North Bridge) Dir. Siana-Mae Heppel-Secker/Dave Pengally

Black Comedy (Minghella Studio) Dir. Siana-Mae Heppel-Secker

Boxes and Blindfolds (Minghella Studio) Dir. Ben Cain

The Country (Minghella Studio) Dir. Robert Awosusi 


The Rite of Spring Chor. Jeanguy Saintus, LD. Richard Moore

Left Unseen Chor. Amaury Lebrun, LD. Mark Baker

Infra Chor. Wayne McGregor, LD. Lucy Carter

Shutdown (Verve UK & European Tour) Chor. Noa Zuk & Ohad Fishof, LD. Mark Baker

4:18 (Verve UK & European Tour) Chor. Maxine Doyle, LD. Mark Baker

Team V (Verve UK & European Tour) Chor. Joan Clevillé, LD. Mark Baker

My Dance, Your Touch (UK & European Tour) Chor. Theo Clinkard, LD. Fay Patterson

12 (UK & European Tour) Chor. Ederson Xavier, LD. Andrew Hammond

Fieldworks (UK & European Tour) Chor. Dog Kennel Hill Project, LD. Andrew Hammond

FAR Chor. Wayne McGregor, LD Lucy Carter

Scattered (UK & European Tour) Chor. Motionhouse Dance Theatre, LD. Natasha Chivers

Touch Each Feel Other (EDge UK & European Tour) Chor. Patricia Okenwa, LD Lucy Hansom

Consumed (EDge UK & European Tour) Chor. Karen and Allen Kaeja, LD Lucy Hansom

Strange Blooms (EDge UK & European Tour) Chor. Shobona Jeyasingh, LD Guy Hoare

The Crumbling of Order (EDge UK & European Tour) Chor. Tony Adigun, LD Lucy Hansom 

The Ar/ct of Moving Forward (Transitions UK & European Tour) Chor. Haiti Yakira, LD Michael Mannion

Lovers (Transitions UK & European Tour) Chor. Jarkko Partanen, LD Fay Patterson 

When Running Starts and Stops (Transitions UK & European Tour) Chor. Richard Chappell, LD Michael Mannion


Kieron Johnson Lighting