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These Majestic Creatures (Stephen Joseph Theatre) Writer: Emma Geraghty/Director: Kash Arshad

Company (Guildford School of Acting) Director: Alison Pollard/Designer: Rog Ness/Costume Designer: Emily Stuart 

Applause (Guildford School of Acting) Director: Stewart Nicholls /Designer: Rog Ness/Costume Designer: Emily Stuart 

My Brother's Keeper (Theatre503) Director: Robert Awosusi/Designer: Amanda Ramasawmy/Sound Designer: Esther Kehinde Ajayi

Happy Meal (Brixton House and Australian Tour) Writer: Tabby Lamb/Director: Jamie Fletcher/Designer: Ben Stones/Sound Designer: Eliyana Evans/Video Designer: Daniel Denton


Who's Holiday (Tuckshop & Jack Maple) Writer: Matthew Lombardo/Director: Kirk Jameson

Dogs (New Step Theatre & Liverpool Playhouse) Writer: Joe Ward Munrow/Director: Nathan Powell/Designer: Ellie Light/Sound Designer: Eliyana Evans/Associate Lighting Designer: Jessie Adinall

Happy Meal (Roots/Theatre Royal Plymouth with ETT and Oxford Playhouse) FRINGE FIRST AWARD WINNER Writer: Tabby Lamb/Director: Jamie Fletcher/Designer: Ben Stones/Sound Designer: Eliyana Evans/Video Designer: Daniel Denton  

2022 Masters Showcase (Guildford School of Acting) 

Knot of the Heart (Birmingham Conservatoire) Director: Chris White/Sound Designer: Adam McCready

Smile: The Musical (Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts) Director: Julia Locascio/Choreographer: Steven Harris/Designer: Rhyannon Richardson/Sound Designer: Matthew Giles 

Celebrated Virgins (Theatr Clwyd) Director: Eleri B. Jones/Designer: Holly Pigott

Coming To England (Birmingham Rep) (Assistant LD) Director and Choreographer: Omar Okai/Set and Lighting Designer: Bretta Gerecke/Adaptor: David Wood 

As You Like It (Northern Broadsides/UK Tour) Director: Laurie Sansom/Designer: E.M.Parry/Sound Designer: Robert Bentall/Movement Director: Jamaal Burkmar


Decades: Stories from the City (Leeds Playhouse) See Below

The Bodyguard (Leeds Playhouse) Director: James Brining/Designer: Amanda Stoodley/Sound Designer: Annie May Fletcher

And After We Sailed A Thousand Skies (Leeds Playhouse) Director: Sameena Hussain/Designer: Amanda Stoodley/Sound Designer: Charlotte Bickley

The Unknown (Leeds Playhouse) Director: Amanda Huxtable/Designer: Amanda Stoodley/Sound Designer: Charlotte Bickley

Don't You Know It's Going To Be Alright? (Leeds Playhouse) Director: Amy Leach/Designer: Amanda Stoodley/Sound Designer: Annie May Fletcher

Nicer Than Orange Squash (Leeds Playhouse) Director: Evie Manning/Designer: Amanda Stoodley/Sound Designer: Annie May Fletcher

Pie In The Bus Stop (Leeds Playhouse) Director: Tess Seddon/Designer: Amanda Stoodley/Sound Designer: Charlotte Bickley

Pre 2019

Rust (Hightide Theatre) (Associate LD) Writer. Kenny Emson/Director. Eleanor Rhode/Lighting Designer. Jess Bernberg/Designer. Max Johns/Sound Designer. David Gregory

Xmas Factor 2018 (Iris Theatre, St.Paul's Church) Director: Daniel Winder

Songlines (Hightide Theatre) (Associate LD) Writer: Tallulah Brown/Director: George Chilcott/Lighting Designer: Jess Bernberg/Designer: Lizzi Leech

Everything Between Us (Finborough Theatre) Writer: David Ireland/Director: Neil Bull/Designer: Laura Cordery 

RUN (JW3 & Bunker Theatre) (Assistant LD) Writer: Stephen Laughton/Director: Lucy Wray/Lighting Designer: Lucy Hansom

You're Human Like The Rest of Them: A Triple Bill of B. S. Johnson Plays (Finborough Theatre) Writer: B.S. Johnson/Director: Carla Kingham/Designer: Rūta Irbīte

Thirst (The Space)  Writer: Eugene O'Neill/Director: Thomas Ward

Wasted (King's Head Theatre) Writer: Kat Woods/Director: Kat Woods

Credits: About



Black Sabbath: The Ballet (Birmingham Royal Ballet) Choreographers: Pontus Lidberg, Raúl Reinoso, Cassi Abranches/Designer: Alexandres Arrechea/Lead Composer: Christopher Austin/Composers: Marko Nyberg & Sun Keting/Dramaturg: Richard Thomas


Hotel (Birmingham Royal Ballet) Choreographer: Morgann Runacre-Temple

SHED (Northern Rascals)

Illegal Dance (Avant Garde Dance) Choreographer: Tony Adigun

Black Is... (Fubunation) Choreographers: Rhys Denis & Waddah Sinada/Composer: Sam Nunez


Halfway and Beyond (Opera North) Spoken Word: Khadijah Ibrahiim/Choreographer: Dane Hurst/Designer: Charles Edwards/Costume: Ana Inés Jabares-Pita

West Side Story: Symphonic Dances (Opera North) Choreographer: Dane Hurst/Designer: Charles Edwards/Costume: Ana Inés Jabares-Pita

EBÓ (Phoenix Dance Theatre) Choreographer: Miguel Altunaga/Director: Dan Lowenstein/Costume: Emma James


Black Waters (Phoenix Dance Theatre) Choreographer: Sharon Watson, Shambik Ghose & Dr. Mitul Sengupta/Costume: Emma Louise James/Composer: Dishari Chakraborty

Head Above Water (Joss Arnott Dance) Choreographer: Joss Arnott/Costume: Eleanor Bull/Composer: Anna Appleby

KHEPRI (Joss Arnott Dance) Choreographer: Annabelle Lopez Ochoa/Costume: Elizabeth King

Innocent Children (Northern School of Contemporary Dance) Choreographer: Kristina and Sadé Alleyne

the sea tells a story (Verve Dance Company) Choreographer: Ben Wright/Costume: Rike Zöllner/Music: Douglas Dare

Pre 2019

Nothing & Being, Being & Nothing (Laban Theatre) Choreographer: Gary Lambert/Costume: Lucy Minta-Reeves

99 Moves (Laban Theatre) Choreographer: Zoi Dimitriou/Costume: Rose Whiting

Sacred Myths (1940's to 1998) - Kartikeya, Aspara & Himalaya (Laban Theatre) Choreographer: Uday & Tanusree Shankar

FIM (R&D) Choreographer: Theo 'TJ' Lowe

Tides (Laban Theatre) Choreographer: Joss Arnott/Costume: Rosie Whiting

At The End We Begin (Richard Chappell Dance) Choreographer: Richard Chappell

Vanishing Points (Zoi Dimitriou Dance Company) Choreographer: Zoi Dimitriou

(Un)Changed (The Place) Choreographer: Livia Massarelli

The Other Self (J7S Dance Company) Choreographer: Giulia Iurza

Gravity Bears The Truth (SkogDans) Choreographer: Yasmine Lindskog

Aperture (Kerry Nicholls Dance) Choreographer. Kerry Nicholls/Costume: Lucy Minta-Reeves

Highland Fling (Excerpt) Choreographer: Matthew Bourne/Original Lighting Design: Paule Constable

Credits: About
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